What is Medical Billing?

Job Description of a Medical Biller

Medical billing is a necessary part of any medical practice, doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. This department is responsible for all patient billing and insurance issues. In the simplest of terms, the job of a medical biller is to make sure that the healthcare professionals get paid for the medical services they provide.

The responsibilities of a medical biller can range in scope, depending on whether you have an in-house staff or 3rd party company handling your claims.

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Generally speaking, the responsibilities of a medical biller include:

  • Using coded data to produce and submit claims to insurance companies
  • Working with insurance companies, healthcare providers, and patients to get claims processed and paid
  • Reviewing and appealing unpaid and denied claims
  • Verifying patients’ insurance coverage
  • Answering patients’ billing questions
  • Handling collections on unpaid accounts
  • Managing accounts receivable reports

It is important to know that there is usually more than one way to code a medical service. If you are a medical practice, you want to hire a medical biller who knows how to code in a way that will maximize revenue for your practice. An in-house staff person who is trustworthy and knowledgeable in negotiating insurance claims is probably your most cost-effective option. But if you are low on resources, and your staff is already swamped with others office responsibilities, consider hiring an outside medical billing service.

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